Secu Login and Sign Up Portal 2022/2023 (2024)

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Secu Login Portal: This page offers insights into the Secu Platform, membership access, Login guide, advantages, and how to recover passwords on the platform. Kindly read on.

The State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) is well known to be a state-hired credit union that has its headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina regulated under the authority of the Credit Union Division of the NC Department of Commerce.

SECU member deposits are insured by the National (NCUA) of the U.S. federal government. SECU is the second biggest natural member credit union in the United States, both in asset size and also in membership.

On March 31, 2017, SECU had about $36.5 billion in assets, over 2.1 million members, and also 265 branches with locations in all of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

Membership in the credit union is primarily limited to all employees of the state of North Carolina and also their immediate family or the immediate family of current SECU members.

The main emphasis of this article is on the Secu login portal and sign-up guide.

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More About Secu

SECU offers an extensive variety of products and services such as Salary Advance Loans to fight predatory payday lending; various mortgage options aimed at assisting members who have become victims of subprime mortgage practices.

However, youth accounts including FAT CAT and also Zard to promote financial literacy; and Summer Cash and Vacation Cash Accounts to help members with budgeting.

Automated services continue to increase with popular options such as online BillPay, Financial Calculators and Assessments, and SECU’s Car Buying Service available through the secure Member Access section of the website.

SECU is dedicated to making a difference in the financial lives of all members. Founded on the philosophy of “People Helping People,” SECU strongly believes that in order to build a sound organization, you need the support of the members and community.

Member Access

State Employees’ Credit Union members have access to their accounts via Member Access, wherever Internet access is available.

Online, members may perform most of the same transactions and also maintains that is conducted at a branch.

Sign in Steps

1. Enter your user ID

2. Enter your password

3. Then sign in.

Steps to Login

1. Enter your user name.

2. Enter your password.

3. Click on login.


1. College Scholarships

Half of the nation’s credit unions offer student scholarships to members, Schenk says. Normally, winners are judged by academic performance and also community service, though every program is different.

2. Product Discounts

Any credit union member looking for product discounts can tap into the credit union program, Invest in America.

It’s a national rewards program that delivers discounts on well-known products such as GMC cars, Dell computers, and Sprint mobile services.

You can build a car and then see what discount you get, says Lisa Rizk, vice president of membership enhancements and also national sales at CU Solutions Group in Livonia, Mich.

3. Free Online Financial Literacy Programs

Most credit unions provide education courses, and many are online, Schenk says. For example, Mission Federal Credit Union in San Diego, which has more than 160,000 members, provides FoolProof Financial Education.

It’s a video-heavy program that arms teens as well as young adults with a financial-literacy arsenal that covers 16 topics.

4. Bonus Dividends

Scarce credit unions dish out yearly dividends to members.

5. Savings Rewards Programs

Credit unions excel at prize-linked savings programs. A popular one among members is saving to Win, a lottery-like program that gives savers a crack at winning cash prizes.

Credit unions in four states currently offer the program. These states include Washington, Michigan, North Carolina, and also Nebraska.

Forgot Password Guide

It’s very necessary to keep your password secure and to remember it, but there might come a time when you forget it.

Follow the steps provided below if you need to reset a forgotten password. You will be back into your account in no time!

1) Visit the Lost Password page.

2) Insert your username or email into the text box and tapGet A New Password.

3) An email will be sent to yourPrimary Email Addressandan SMS to yourSMS Number, if you specified one,to help you recover your account.

You can always follow this secu loginportal and sign up guideany time you need help.

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Secu Login and Sign Up Portal 2022/2023 (2024)


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