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Affordable plumber
Cheap plumber
50% off plumber
Reliable plumber
Same-day service plumber
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Save more than 50% with us. Guaranteed.

Yes we are very affordable, the most affordable plumber in the truck-county area, and cost effective. Our prices are flexible to fix your budget.
We also offer in-house financing.

Drain Clogged?
Have a problem you want us to look at?
Want a second opinion?
Need a permit or a permit closed?
Want the job done quickly and efficiently?

Call us anytime nights and weekends also, no extra fees.

We offer 24/7 emergency assistance

📮Call to schedule a free estimate📮

+1 954-947-9119

Service Drain Cleaning/Clogs
Remodels (plumbing rough and finals only)
drain replacement
(No interior damage during drain repairs*
We reroute to exterior)
Water line replacement
Septic and well systems as well
Water main replacement
Septic to sewer conversion
And more…

+1 (954) 947-9119

we will do our best to assist you immediately, and also offer emergency services 24/7–complimentary to all of our customers as part of our 1 year warranty program

Boca Raton
Delray Beach
West Palm Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Coconut Creek
Boca Del Mar
Riviera Beach
Kings Pointe Plumber
Century Village Plumber
Boynton Beach
Lake Worth
Pompano Beach
Deerfield Beach
Dania Beach

we have experience in full re-pipe kitchen and bathroom remodeling as well as clean outs leaks and emergency services 24 seven

Give us a call anytime

We specialize in tankless water heater installation! 350 for the plumbing to install a tankless water heater and 350 to install the electrical with the proper wiring as well as breaker to your electrical panel where needed

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Polybutylene Replacement
Cast Iron Replacement (Can still remain in home, trenching)

Polybutylene Replacement
Cast-Iron Drain Replacement
Toilet Replace and Repair Only $100. (Parts not included)
Toilet Flange Repair and Replacement $150
Garbage disposal replacement Only $100.. (Parts not included)
Installation of the Main Valve $150 (Parts included)
Installation of a Valve for the garden hose (Hose Bibb) $100 (Parts included)
Copper Repipe and Repair 75
Galvanized Steel Repair 75
Sewage system Repair 150
Finding Leaks Free
Drain cleaning of a mainline $100 (Only from cleanout). If I have to go on the roof to clear a clogged line
Only $120.
Clear Clogs in the tub or shower, kitchen sink, laundry all Only $100
If I can't clear clogs I don't charge.
Water Heater Installation Special $250 (Tank electric water heater only). This special in house garage only (No high rise)

We Can Handle Many Plumbing Repairs & Services
-Remodeling Kitchen Or Bathroom Plumbing
-Faucets / Toilets / Tub Shower Repairs and Replacement
-Sewer Drain Cleaning & Hydro jetting
-Kitchen / Laundry Drain Cleaning
-All Water leaks Line Repairs and Replacement
-Main Sewer Lines Repaired and Replaced
-Leak Detection / Line locating Service
-Sewer Video Camera Detection
-Backflow Certification / Installation / Repairs
-Pressure Regulator Valve PRV-Inspections
-Bathtubs & Showers Installations and Repairs
-Garbage Disposals
-Plumber, Plumbers
-All Water Heaters / Gas / Electric & Tankless
-Hydro Jetting / Hydro Flush / Drain scour cleaning
-Restaurant Plumbing / Drain Cleaning
-Sewer Line / Lateral Line Drain Cleaning





Water Heater

Tankless water heater

Garbage Disposal

Ice maker line

Shower valve

And much more


We install and repair:

Copper pipe



As well as doing:

Drain cleaning

SNAKE up to 175 ft.!!!!


Plus Hydrojet service to 100 ft as well (see below for explanation)


We provide:

Reliable service by

Friendly helpful staff



Others shoot you a super low price then inflate their bill with numerous add-on services at the end.

Beware, If their price is ridiculously low or too good to be true, they might be setting you up.


Other considerations:

You'll see the difference it makes in our staff's ATTITUDE and in the QUALITY of their WORK.


HYDROJET explained

Want to do more than clear a blocked drain?
Are your drains getting blocked regularly?

Debris can accumulate along the walls of your drain pipe making it narrow more and more over time. But there is a solution...


With HYDROJET, multiple simultaneous high pressure sprays clean the inside walls of your drain to make them like new!



If we miss your call, please SEND US A TEXT (preferred)

24 7
after hours
Palm Beach
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Employee owned
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Residential plumber
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24-hour plumbing service
Faucet installation
Same day service
same day service
Top rated
Rated best

North Miami
North Miami Beach
Sunny Isles
Ft Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale
Wilton Manors
Oakland Park
Coconut Creek
Coral Springs
Lake Worth
West Palm
Palm Beach

Service Area Includes:

Palm Beach

FREE Labor Warranty!

Gas heater
Electric heater
Leaking pipes
Leaking toilet
Tub to shower
Shower valve
Hose bibb
Water main shut off
Gate valve replacement

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954 947 9119

(954) 947 9119


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    🔴🔴🔴plumber. PLUMBER. Rooter $75 .Reliable. - skilled trade services - craigslist (2024)


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