Laura Huckabee Stroke (2024)

1. Sometimes, you just have to face the facts - KHBS

  • 18 feb 2016 · If you get a chance, be a part of one of them – or all of them! Let's unite to prevent heart disease and stroke! Laura Huckabee / Meteorologist ...

  • Sometimes, you just have to face the facts

2. 20 Things you may not know about Laura Huckabee - KHBS

  • 30 sep 2013 · Want to learn a few fun facts about our Sunrise Meteorologist, Laura Huckabee! Click through for things to know!

  • Want to learn a few fun facts about our Sunrise Meteorologist, Laura Huckabee! Click through for things to know! And, watch 40/29 News Sunrise with Kelly and Derek every weekday morning at 4:30 a.m.

3. Dysphagia Following Stroke - Publications | Plural Publishing

4. Dysphagia Following Stroke: Third Edition - Google Books

  • Maggie-Lee Huckabee, PhD practiced as a clinical speech language pathologist for 15 years before the frustration of never knowing 'the answers' led her to an ...

  • Now with videos!Dysphagia Following Stroke, Third Edition is a practical and easy-to-use resource for clinicians treating swallowing disorders in the stroke population. The authors bridge the gap between academic and clinical practice with up-to-date research and clinical case examples throughout.In addition to a thorough overview of dysphagia diagnosis and management, this text focuses heavily on evaluation and management of stroke. Key topics include neural underpinnings of normal and disordered swallowing, swallowing screening, the clinical swallowing examination including cough reflex testing, the expanding array of instrumental swallowing modalities, and the rehabilitation of swallowing including strength training, non-invasive brain stimulation, and skill training. While geared toward practicing clinicians, Dysphagia Following Stroke is also useful for students in professional training programs.New to the Third Edition:A third author, Kristin Gozdzikowska, bring a fresh perspective as a young clinician and researcher with particular expertise in high resolution manometry and various cutting-edge treatment techniquesNew larger 6" x 9" trim sizeUpdated chapters on assessment to include new and emerging instrumental technologies, including high resolution manometry, impedance, and ultrasoundUpdated chapters on management to include the newly described International Dysphagia Diet Standardization InitiativeNew and expanded framework for rehabilitation, with a shif...

5. [PDF] Evidence-Based Intervention Options for Chronic Dysphagia Following ...

6. Publications - Australian Stroke Alliance

  • ... Laura J E McCambridge, Louise M Burrell, Vincent Thijs, Sharon Kramer ... Shnece Duncan, Andrea Menclova, Maggie-Lee Huckabee, Dominique A Cadilhac, Anna Ranta

  • A summary of research papers by members of the Australian Stroke Alliance.

7. [PDF] Biofeedback as an adjunctive treatment for post-stroke dysphagia

  • 4 dagen geleden · Marta Aspidistria, Laura Ventura. The first draft of the manuscript ... Huckabee ML and Macrae P (2014) Rethinking Rehab: Skill-Based ...

8. [PDF] A Study to Compare the Efficacy of palatal Electrical Stimulation with ...

  • Margareta Bulow, Renee Speyer, Laura. Baijens, Virginie Woisard, Olle Ekberg. (2008). Neuromuscular. Electrical. Stimulation (NMES) in Stroke Patients with.

9. [DOC] Clinical Placement - sitesd wordpress sites

  • Laura Vaughan. Rosie Loane. Central and East Locality Louise Peart – Clinical Team ... Any textbook on Dysphagia following Stroke e.g. Huckabee; Supported ...

10. Faculty & Staff < Neurology - Yale School of Medicine

  • Holderness, Mary H. Holmes, Sophie E · Honmou, Osamu · Honore, Stephen · Horspool, Lucinda · Hossameldin, Saifeldin · Hu, Yuxuan · Huckabee, Tiba · Huo, Shufan.

  • David A. Hafler, MD, FANA

Laura Huckabee Stroke (2024)


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