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Each of our unbelievably realistic artificial bouquets is thoughtfully arranged and hand-tied by our team of expert florists. We have colours and styles to suit every taste and space, whether you're brightening your own home or giving them as a lasting gift.

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Amethyst bouquet


Meadow bouquet


Tequila sunrise bouquet


Harmony bouquet


Lazy days bouquet


Paradise bouquet


Exotic bouquet


Fauxliage bouquet


Lily bouquet


Pretty pastels bouquet


Sensational bouquet


Twilight bouquet


Regal bouquet


Bahama mama bouquet


Highland spring bouquet


Hydrangea bouquet

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Elegance bouquet


Artificial Flower Bouquets & Arrangements | Blooming Artificial (82)

Looking for inspiration?

Explore our galleries and see how others have used fauxs to bring instant life to their space.

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Everything you need toknow

Flowers around your home

Buying and constantly replacing fresh flowers is expensive in the long run. If you love colourful flowers around your home but aren't so keen on forking out week in, week out, then our faux flower bouquets are the answer. Not only do they look incredible, but they also last for years with next to no maintenance!

Office flower arrangements

Office flower arrangements can add an inviting aesthetic to a reception area or meeting room but they're often a bit costly and live for a few weeks at most.

Our faux bouquets, however, make sure your office space always looks picture-perfect for client visits or perhaps, to lift your spirits while brightening up your workspace.

Artificial wedding bouquets

A brides' wedding bouquet is one of the essential accessories to a wedding. Artificial wedding flowers let you keep the memory of the magical day alive far beyond the lifespan of a traditional living bouquet without having to faff with drying out the flowers and potentially damaging the fragile petals.

1. Longer life

Artificial flower arrangements like this can last a lifetime with next to no care. Compare this to a bunch from the supermarket which may last for a couple of weeks at best before ending up in the compost.

2. Cost

The initial cost of a top-notch bunch of faux flowers may seem a little hefty. But when you compare this against buying and replacing real flowers each week, you'll soon see the positive side of it.

3. An easier life

Your life is probably hectic enough without constantly picking up dead leaves, cleaning pollen stains off the table and shooing the cat away from your flowers. Going faux is a simple way to make your life easier, and you still get to enjoy the look of fabulous florals.

4. Allergies

Suffer from hay fever? Join the club! Buying yourself (or gifting) a gorgeous faux arrangement is an easy way to sidestep the sniffles while enjoying all the other benefits lush flowers bring to your home.

5. Non-seasonal

Fancy a bunch of tulips in September? Or some sunflowers in January? No problem. Artificial flower arrangements don't care about seasonal vibes and are available all year round.

6. Roses are not green

Did you know cut fresh flowers are either frequently flown in from warmer climates?

For a product that only lasts a few short weeks, it's not overly green. An artificial plant may not seem green, but the unlimited lifespan quickly offsets the cost of creating it. Read more on our introspection blog here.

Each stem in your bouquet has an internal wire which is coated in plastic. Depending on the stem, this wire can be fairly lightweight or pretty thick. Thicker wires can be slighter harder to cut.

1. Measure the height of your vase.

2. Take the vase measurement and measure from the bottom of the flowers and foliage area towards the bottom of the stem.

3. Mark the measurement and cut any remaining stem off.

4. If in doubt, leave the stems a little longer. You can always trim them again.

To cut the stems, we recommend using strong wire cutters. If you don't have any of these to hand use pliers or scissors to score the plastic. Then bend them one way, then the other, which will weaken the wire to the point it breaks cleanly.

For more help, read our guide on trimming artificial flower stems or watch the video below.

Our bouquets and vases are sold separately, your bouquet will not arrive with one. If you would like to purchase a vase along with your bouquet, you can choose one after adding the bouquet to your basket. Alternatively, browse our range of vases here.

Faux flower arrangements are both beautiful and need zero maintenance. However there are still a couple of things you can do to keep them looking fresh for years to come.

1. Don't use them outside

These flowers may be pretty but they're not designed for outside use. We'd also recommend not siting them on windowsils for long periods of time.

2. Keep them clean

Dust is the enemy of artificial flowers and is a telltale sign of faking it. Fortunately fauxs are easy to clean with a damp cloth or wetwipe. For the more intricate stems, take the arrangement outside and used compressed air to blow dust away. You can find our full guide on cleaning flowers here or watch our video below.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.

Did you know?

Lilies are known to represent fertility and purity.

Help centre

How to trim artificial flower stems

Watch our video guide to learn how to trim your faux flower stems so that they're ready to go in your vase.

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How to clean artificial flowers and plants

Watch our quick video guide and find top tips from artificial plant expert, Sarah, to find out how best to clean your artificial flowers and plants.

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Artificial Flower Bouquets & Arrangements | Blooming Artificial (2024)


What kind of artificial flowers look the most realistic? ›

The most realistic flowers are those made from high-quality materials like silk, polyester, and foam. While each material has its advantages, polyester fabric achieves the most lifelike appearance. We offer a range of polyester flowers including dahlias, tulips, and peonies.

What are fake bouquets called? ›

There are four main terms for synthetic flowers…. artificial, fake, faux and silk. They are all pretty much interchangeable these days. Savvy marketing teams across the globe discovered that if they call their standard plastic flowers 'silk flowers' they could benefit from people assuming the quality is higher…

Why are fake bouquets so expensive? ›

That's because artificial flowers that look like the real thing are made of silk, or other high-quality materials that give them a life-like appearance, which can be more expensive than fresh flowers. Depending on the types of flowers you use, silk flowers may cost from one to five dollars more per stem than real.

Are artificial flowers out of style? ›

It has taken artificial flowers years to throw off the less-than-luxury associations that 'fake' often denotes – in other words, budget-friendly, bad quality and just a little bit naff. But these days, faux flowers are everything but, thanks to new, high-fashion makers and elevated craftsmanship.

What are the disadvantages of artificial flowers? ›

Just so you know, artificial flowers tend to gather dust over time, which can make them look unkempt and may require regular cleaning. Plus, some people may be allergic to the materials used in artificial flowers or the dust that collects on them. Real flowers, on the other hand, do not pose all these risks.

Are fake flower bouquets tacky? ›

Using fake flowers or plants for a wedding is not tacky at all as long as you select high-quality artificial plants that look just as natural as the real ones.

What is the difference between a bouquet and an arrangement? ›

Unlike arrangements, bouquets do not come with a vase and you'll have to use your own vase to display them. Who it's for: This is for someone who loves that fresh market feel! Our bouquets come ready to be unwrapped and placed in your favorite vase.

What is the best material for fake flowers? ›

Polyester. Polyester fabric is used to produce most artificial flowers today. Manufacturers usually dye, cut, and assemble these by hand to recreate the shape and texture of real blooms. The material is also quite malleable.

How do you make fake flowers not look fake? ›

  1. Opt for high-quality fake flowers.
  2. Add some real flowers to the mix.
  3. Make the stems look Imperfect.
  4. Use a gorgeous vase for your fake floral arrangement.
  5. Add water to the vase.
Mar 15, 2022

Is it OK to decorate with fake flowers? ›

No matter the season or occasion, decorating with flowers is one of the best ways to brighten up a room. If your favorites are out of season, you can still create a beautiful floral display by combining fresh and artificial flowers.

What do you put in the bottom of a vase with fake flowers? ›

Fill up your vase using coffee beans to get a great texture and sweet aroma. Coffee beans are the best for holding fake flowers or pillar candles in place.

How do you make a cheap bouquet look expensive? ›

Pro Tip: Adding a variety of greenery or foliage will make your bouquet look fuller. If you mix 2-3 foliage types with 2-3 feature flowers, you'll achieve a designer look without the high prices. This combination ensures that your cheap flowers will look expensive. Plus, your flower arrangement will be bright and full.

Do florists use fake flowers? ›

Artificial flowers done by florists come in many different varieties and qualities, including: Silk flowers: These are a perfect alternative to fresh flowers for your wedding or home decoration needs.

Do silk flowers look real? ›

Silk flowers are always formed and designed to imitate real flowers, such as orchids or peonies. So, when you use silk flowers to make a bouquet or buy a pre-fashioned silk flower bouquet, your blooms will always look very realistic. Best of all, you won't have to worry about them wilting on your wedding day!

Are silk flowers realistic? ›

Silk flowers are artificial versions of the natural flowering thing. Because fake flowers were originally fabricated from fine luxurious silks, the name “silk flowers” proceeds their ancient history. Today, artificial flowers allow for a stress-free alternative to the real deal.

What is the difference between silk and real touch flowers? ›

Real Touch are an artificial flower that are very realistic both in look and feel. They are made out of a latex type polymer and are not silk. High quality Real Touch flowers are made from the polymer being poured into a mould so that they take on the veining and shape of real flowers.


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